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WARNING: These pages, as well as my comics, feature nudity and adult situations and are rated NC-17. Though I always try to be as tasteful as possible, if you aren't of legal age to see such material in your country or you think it might offend you, please leave this site now!

24/3/2003 - For pain leads only to more pain. 5.000 years of written proofs and still there are doubts, must be a really hard concept to make out.

4/3/2003 News - My Keenspace site is currently down and I have no idea if and when it will be restored - more likely, I will pick my own domain and move both sites there as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, I have a mailing list for sharing my recent works and for the ongoing comic project, located at:


I leave here the other link, in case it gets fixed...

Besides of my comics archive and art gallery, this Furholt.net site now also hosts my "Furry Resources" pages, dedicated to criticism, comments and personal reflections upon the state of the furry movement and its theoretical foundations. I'm also collecting a few links, pictures and miscellaneous lore upon the species which are central to the Chronicles (wolves, foxes and reindeers), which will go into the "Animal Resources" section as soon as possible; and due to various requests I'm working out a small tutorial to expose some of the tricks I've learned in the making of my comics. Enjoy!



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