Commission prices are based on medium and complexity.
The base prices for a single character piece with minimal background are

detailed pencil or ink - $35

color - $50

A background or second character will add an additional 80% to the price. The full base price will be
added on for each additional character beyond that. A complex background such as in Cookie Makers
or Sticky Pavement will add 150% to the price. If you want something horrendously detailed like
Shuttle-G I may just start charging by the hour. Also due to the extra work involved in inking a 10% "skunk
tax" may apply to dark furred characters. This is just a guide to get started. The exact price can be
negotiated based on the final design, size (I usually work 11" x 14"), et cetera. A 50% down payment will
be due on approval of the finished layout and the remainder before delivery.

What all this gets you is a completed piece of original art to own and enjoy any way you like. You are free
to sell, give away or destroy the piece at your discretion. Hey, you paid for it it's yours. However all
reproduction rights remain with the artist unless otherwise negotiated. You want me to design your
company logo? We can work something out. Also I do not draw copyrighted characters without the
owners permission. In the same vane, as I do make some money off print sales, if for some reason you
do not want me selling copies of your commission please expect an additional charge. I will insist on
keeping a copy for my own records regardless.

Due to the bulky packing required to get a commission to you safely shipping is $10 in North America or
$15 elsewhere.

Still interested? Just send me an email and tell me what you'd like. I can work with whatever level of detail
you feel like providing but if you have something very specific in mind usually the more the better.
I'm waiting to hear from you.