This is a go-between page for my Yahoo group FurryFanWorks as I can't get Webring to cooperate with Yahoogroups.

FurryFanWorks the Mailing List

A place to share artwork, stories, manips, vids, Flash files, websites, information and everything else about your favorite Furry characters/worlds from the media and Furry versions of non-Furry worlds (replace the 'human' races in the Star Wars or Star Trek with Furry races, and it's good here).

This list is open to all types of pairings (M/F, M/M, F/F, Herms, group events) and clean material as well ... we just ask you label your work clearly so those that don't like something can easily pass it by.

Some of the sources that are welcome:
Comics: Sonic, Katmandu, Fangs of Ka'ath, Xanadu, Extinctioners, Rhuduprrt, AD&D, Dragonlance.

Cartoons: Road Rovers, Gargoyles, SWAT Kats, Rescue Rangers, Star Trek, Dinosausers, Thundercats.

Movies: Lion King, Disney's Robin Hood, Jungle Book.

Games: Diablo II, Star Fox, Sly Cooper, Tail Concerto, Crono Cross.

Other folks characters: Sabrina and Zig Zag are the most common, but if it's not your character, it's pretty much okay.

Your Characters in Someone Else's Setting: Say you make a Furry Jedi. You write about or draw them. That's welcome too, because the setting isn't yours.

Just let us know what the source (Fandom) is and character(s) so we know who is what. Not everyone knows as much as you do about a given fandom.

FurryFanWorks the Mailing List