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Re-Orientation (Rating: R, Size: 12KB, Status: Complete)
Fandoms: Sly Cooper
Pairings: Carmelita/Rika Charger
Category: FemSlash, Het, Romance
Codes: Sex: F/F
Summary: Sly decides to give Carmelita a birthday surprise that helps to answer a few questions she's had lately – whether she likes it or not.

Self-Mutilation (Rating: R, Size: 20KB, Status: Complete)
Fandoms: Final Fantasy 9
Pairings: Zidane Tribal/Zidane Tribal
Zidane Tribal/Garnet til Alexandros
Category: Adult, Drama, Het, Romance, Slash
Codes: Rape: M on M
Summary: While escaping from Oeilvert, Zidane and company run into another Epitaph. Problem is, this one produces an unusual clone that does more than it's supposed to

The Ties that Bind (Rating: NC-17, Size: 8KB, Status: Complete)
Fandoms: Star Fox
Pairings: Fay/Miyu
Category: Adult, FemSlash, Kink, PWP, Romance
Codes: Bondage, Kink, Sex: F/F
Summary: A few months after they become lovers, Mistress Miyu decides to take some time to show her pet how she feels.


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