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Aeon's Heart: 01: I have Done it! (Rating: NC-17, Size: 24KB, Status: Series-In-Progress)
Fandoms: Final Fantasy 10
Pairings: Yuna/Valefor
Wakka/Tidus (non-sexual, so far)
Category: Adult, Drama, FemSlash, Romance, Slash
Codes: Bondage, Sex: F/F, Underage
Summary: Yuna spent a solid day bargaining with Valefor, her first Aeon.
Or at least that's what everybody else thinks.

Desertion (Rating: PG-13, Size: 4KB, Status: Complete)
Fandoms: Final Fantasy 9
Pairings: Freya/Fratley
Category: Drama, Het, Romance
Codes: None
Summary: After the events in the game, Freya gets a letter that forces her to make a choice she never thought she'd have to make - duty, or love?


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