The Temple Grounds


Dress-Up Time

Response to a challenge to use a picture of Obi-Wan Kenobi in a dress.

2421 words

NC-17, pwp, first-time

July 26, 1999


Practice In Perfection

Inspired by yoga class.  Oh boy, it was a good class though I may have missed attaining the correct meditative state. 

1709 words

NC-17, pwp

July 26, 1999


Cheat Sheets

Response to the challenge on the Master_Apprentice list to use the items we're keeping in an 800 word story.

781 words

NC-17, pwp, first-time

August 26, 1999


Thief of My Heart

A Duke, a highwayman, a clash on a dark night...

11,424 words

NC-17, first-time, AU

October 17, 2000


The Truth of Love

A wealthy Venetian falls in love with the orphan he raised but his spurned lover strikes back.

13,540 words

NC-17, first-time, AU

December 31, 2000


The Workout

Mindless smut for the sake of smut.

1487 words

NC-17, pwp

December 27, 2001


Stolen Moment

A post Episode II fic for everyone on the Council of Denial.

1421 words

NC-17, pwp

August 17, 2002


Barbarian Love

A Jedi Master goes in search of his missing Padawan.

10,831 words

NC-17, first-time, romance, action

January 5, 2003


Midnight Fantasy

A late night at work, a new client...

2629 words

NC-17, pwp, AU

April 15, 2003


Silver Lining

An injured man isn't ready to say goodbye to his physical therapist.

4551 words

NC-17, first-time, pwp, AU

September 11, 2003


A Stranger In Need

A superhero helps a stranger.

6904 words

PG, AU, crossover, action, (implied) first-time, (implied) chan, movie-verse



The Big Deception

A private detective takes a case - but is his client really the one who needs help?

17,012 words

NC-17, alternate reality, romance, action

February 12, 2004


Only Mine

Obi-Wan creatively handles his jealousy over Qui-Gon's romantic attachments.

7291 words

NC-17, underage, first-time

May 19, 2004


Living In The Moment

A holiday ficlet.

1297 words

G, pre-slash, AU

December 24, 2004


The Hunter and The Rose

A man doesn't want to celebrate his birthday until a surprise changes his mind.  

4445 words

NC-17, underage, kink, AU, first-time.

April 30, 2006


A Birthday Surprise

A man doesn't want to celebrate his birthday until a surprise changes his mind.  

3825 words

NC-17, first-time, PWP

December 31, 2006


I Dream of Jinn

Ben pulls a bottle from the river and gets a surprise.    

13,983 words

NC-17, first-time, AU, romance

January 18, 2008


Missing the Extremely Obvious

Qui. Obi. Pole dancing.    

3080 words

NC-17, first-time, PWP

April 10, 2009


Sweeter Than Wine

Obi-Wan celebrates an important birthday.    

1057 words

PG-13, pre-slash

October 20, 2009


The Healing

Life happens, bad and good.    

2151 words

G, established

September 11, 2010




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